We are an organization of cross country skiers of all abilities and levels. We encourage the enjoyment and growth of cross-country skiing as a lifelong sport. We provide members with opportunities to achieve their goals as recreational skiers, competitive athletes, race officials, coaches and instructors in a safe, fun and social environment. Ski for fun, race to win.


We don’t want to be the biggest cross country ski club. Just the best! We strive to better the sport of cross country skiing by continuing to develop innovative, quality programs that help our members achieve personal excellence in fitness, racing, coaching, instructing and officiating in a cohesive social environment.


Our Club, the Nordic Racers is a registered non-profit society established in 1992, and therefore run by a volunteer executive. We hold an annual general meeting every summer where all members are encouraged to attend with their ideas, run for the volunteer executive positions, and enjoy some free food and beverages. For more information on the Society Act, see in the “Our policies” section of this website. The Executive Team operates in accordance with the club’s constitution.



2018-2019 Executive

The Executive Goals for this term are to:                                                                      

  • Update bylaws to ensure accountability and transparency in Executive actions and decisions.
  • Review current online registration and payment systems with the goal to select those that are easy to maintain and provide the most control and transparency of club registration and payments. 
  • Identify strategies (including marketing/branding and new activities/events) that will attract a younger demographic.
  • Review how much money the Nordic Racers (a non-profit society) should be maintaining in the bank account, and identify the programs/activities we should support that align with the purpose of the club.
  • Contract out the administrative tasks that overwhelm the Executive (for example:  bookkeeping and web design).
  • Encourage members to become involved in the club. New and existing Committees for all the activities/programs will report to the Executive. Budgets will be required for all activities/programs.

Tony Chin

Tom Dallimore

Julia McDonnell

Terry Watson-Meyer

Andrea Heal

Visit VOLUNTEER WITH US for a description of all volunteer roles and opportunities.