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Canadian Masters is affiliated and recognized by Cross Country Canada (CCC) and is represented by The Canadian Masters XC Ski Association. A master skier is anyone over the age of 30, who is dedicated to ski training and racing … hmmm, I guess that would be many of us. To compete at a masters level doesn’t mean you have to be an uber skier and rake in the medals, but just to set a training goal, work at it, and participate. The requirement to enter any masters competition (Provincial, National, or World Cup) is to pay an annual $20 membership fee. That’s it - no qualifications, no lotteries - you just go. The 2020 Canadian Masters will be hosted by Menihek Nordic Ski Club in Labrador City, NL from March 26-29. Even more exciting, the Masters World Cup will be hosted in Canmore, Alberta March 4-12, in 2021. The last World Cup hosted in Canada, was in 2011 at Sovereign Lakes with 1125 participants from countries all over the world and age groups across the spectrum, including the fastest uber younger athletes and ex-olympians to diehards in their 90’s. The event took place over three days with Olympic distances - sprints to 15 km. Let’s aim to get a good representation of the Nordic Racers to future Masters events.

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Gallery of Nordic Racers master skiers from Payak 2019. Photos by Official Payak Photographer, Andrea Heal.