Nordic Racers is a Cross Country ski club with about 300 members. We are volunteer-driven, and rely solely on the leadership and stewardship of its members to run its various activities. Only our coaches and instructors are paid for their time, and we may contract some administrative tasks on an "as  needed  basis"  such  as  bookkeeping, technical support or web- development. Here is a list of all positions, and we encourage members to get involved, if they haven't done so already.

Club  Executive

The strategic direction is provided by the annually elected Officers and Directors.


  • Provides Vision and Strategic Direction

  • Represents the NRSC at associate meetings (e.g. CCBC., AGM.,WOP Strategy Meetings, etc.)

  • Chairs all Nordic Racers meetings

Vice President

  • Fills in when President is absent (e.g. chairs meetings)

  • May take on additional role(s) “as needed”

  • Oversees Technical Support and Zone 4


  • Records all minutes

  • Maintains/updates all files (both hard copy and cloud files)

  • Tracks membership

  • Submits all required files to BC Societies in Victoria

  • Submits all membership data to CCBC


  • Monitors/liaises with bookkeeper (contractor)

  • Tracks all project budgets

  • Responsible for putting surplus funds into GIC's (low risk short term investments)

  • Provides all financial statements as required (e.g. required annual BC Society filing and grant applications)

Communications and social

  • Provides content for website and newsletters

  • Recruits and oversees social committee

  • Provides brochures and posters for club promotions

Director of Para nordics

  • Liaison and Advocate representing all business for Para Nordics on club executive

  • Chairs PN Committee meetings

  • Helps with Grant Opportunities and Oversees PN budget

Volunteer Positions

The following volunteer positions may attend executive meetings on an "as needed" basis, but do not have voting authority on the strategic direction of the club

Head Coach

  • Paid for coaching/instructing time only

  • Recruits and provides direction for coaches teaching at Silverstar, L2L or any other opportunities

  • Works with club executive on Coaching Development

Para-Nordic Committee

  • Paid for coaching/instructing time only

  • Recruits and provides directions for coaches, instructors and guides who are running the Para-Nordic programs.

  • Is self-managed with its own finances and budget

Social Committee

  • Reports to Communications Director

  • Oversees all social events through the year, or may delegate specific events to a few people

  • Researches suitable venues, makes all necessary food/alcohol purchases

  • Organizes ice-breaker activities, door prizes, welcomes new members at club night

Silverstar Coordinator

  • Organizes Accommodation only which will be pre-booked by the executive

  • Is not responsible for overseeing carpooling, banquet, or coaching

Trip Coordinator(s)

  • Researches suitable accommodation on specific trip and reports to executive

  • Organizes housing and may make recommendations for pot-lucks

Officials Training

  • Organizes training certification courses for Race Officials 

Ski Instructors Training

  • Organizes training certification courses for new and veteran Ski Instructors/Ski Coaches

 Working Groups

  • Working Groups may be developed for specific tasks and would be presented to the club, as needed.