Professional Development

The Professional Development guidelines are provided to participants in the groups described below. All persons must apply to the Head Coach, and/or Board of Directors for consideration of reimbursement of professional development courses prior to taking the course.


  • Club members who commit to volunteer at any cross country race or loppet qualify for reimbursement of course fees upon successful completion of a course sanctioned by the Board of Directors. This includes standard Race Officials courses supported by Cross Country BC., and Cross Country Canada. 

  • For Level 11 or higher, applicants must be prepared to take a major role in at least one race. (i.e. Chief of Competition, Race Secretary, Chief of Course, etc.). 

  • Reimbursement of fees can also include special courses, tutorials or seminars developed to fill needs for specialized roles such as race administration, computer timing or snow grooming for example.

Ski Instructors and Coaches

  • Club members who demonstrate a commitment to teaching or coaching, qualify for reimbursement of CANSI or NCCP Course fees, as outlined below, and subject to prior approval from the President, and the Head Coach.

  • What’s the difference between an instructor and a coach? While instructors focus purely on the technical aspects of cross country skiing and fine-tuning for good technique, coaches take a more general approach to include fitness and training with some instruction also for technique. High level coaches have a combination of both CANSI and NCCP.

  • CANSI and NCCP Course fees will be reimbursed upon their successful completion. For CANSI Level 1, reimbursement shall be made in two parts: after one season of teaching skiing, 50% shall be reimbursed (8 hours of on-snow instruction) and the remainder will be paid out when an additional 8 hours of on-snow instruction is completed the following season.

  • Higher levels of Cansi Instruction must have shown a commitment to teaching for the Club during the past three years, and must also seek prior approval from the President and Head Coach for placement of suitable on-snow instruction in order to qualify for reimbursement.

  • Participation in CANSI National Seminars for CANSI instructors above level 2; these instructors must have shown a commitment to teaching for the Club during the past three years.